Christoph Gerbig - MPI-BGC

This WP takes care of general project management, establishing and maintaining the project management structure, ensuring a good flow of information between the Consortium and the Research Executive Agency, and assisting in the preparation and execution of project meetings.


Enhancing the IAGOS-GMES link

Peter van Velthoven - KNMI

The tasks here focus on making airborne in-situ atmospheric data accessible such that they can be used directly by the GMES Atmospheric Service, with harmonized data and metadata formats. This WP also aims to enhance the use of airborne in-situ data for satellite validation and within the GMES assimilation and forecasting services.


Implementation of operational data transfer

Marc Pontaud - Météo France

This work ensures that the data are available in near-real-time, first by implementing the provisional delayed-mode data transfer via GSM from aircraft after landing, then from the air via an RTTU (Real Time Transmission Unit), which will be certified and installed within the scope of this work package. The RTTU maintenance plan will also be developed.


Evaluation and harmonisation of data quality in routine aircraft observations

Herman Smit - FZJ

This workpackage will establish procedures to regularly evaluate and document the quality of the IAGOS data in a harmonized framework. This will be done by the systematic comparison of the measurements with other aircraft flying nearby, which will be facilitated by the development of automatic database tools. The IAGOS measurements will also be checked for internal consistency for tracers that are measured by more than one system (i.e. H2O and CO). The IAGOS data quality procedures will be regularly evaluated by international experts and instrument operators. Documentation will follow from both workshop reports and updated metadata in the IAGOS database.


Enhancing the IAGOS observational capabilities

Zoltán Bozóki - Hilase

Here the general objective is to enhance the measurement capabilities of IAGOS. This encompasses a design study to investigate the possibility of changing the IAGOS setup in the future so as to allow more flexibility in the installation different combinations of instruments. Furthermore, development work on four new sensors will be carried out:

  • a chemical mass spectrometer for the measurement of diverse volatile organic compounds
  • a miniature cloud spectrometer particle depolarisation detection capability
  • a particle extinction measurement instrument based on cavity attenuated phase shifting
  • a reduced-sized water vapour and total water measuring instrument


Scientific coordination

Christoph Gerbig - MPI-BGC

The scientific coordination tasks involve monitoring the progress of the other work packages by milestones and deliverables, managing risks related to these deliverables, and develop solutions to any problems that may arise.


Dissemination and sustainability

Christoph Gerbig - MPI-BGC

This workpackage aims to:

  • Maintain the dissemination and exploitation plan
  • Foster efficient bi-directional communication between the project and the relevant core service providers, to ensure that results are applicable
  • Communicate and distribute results of the project via workshops and internet platforms
  • Manage the plan for the sustainability of tools developed within the project


The work is broken up into seven different work packages, which interact as seen in the Pert diagram below.